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Pride of Manzini

The City of Manzini, otherwise known as the hub of Swaziland, is the commercial mecca of the Kingdom of Swaziland. In fact, it is where the first economic and commercial activities of the Kingdom began over 100 years ago. Read More


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Although having started operating way back in 1983, the Manzini Market (situated along Mancishane street) continues to be a major tourist draw card in the city. Over the last few years it has become uncommon for tourists to pass through the beautiful city. Read More


For those who do not have their own means of transportation, the City of Manzini has a number of public transport vehicles which connect the city with neighbouring towns, cities, countries and surrounding townships. Read More

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Last updated on the 29th May 2017




 Dear reader; you are most likely already aware that the Honourable Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Phiwayinkhosi Mabuza (MP), recently appointed Jimson Gwebu and former councillor Ayanda Sigudla as interim councillors for the City of Manzini. They will serve as policy makers for the vibrant municipality until new councillors are elected into Council; towards the end of this year.

The interim councillors were officially sworn in last Tuesday at the Council Chamber; with Ayanda Sigudla, who is also employed as Business Development Manager for Swaziland Fair Trade, assuming the position of Interim Mayor.

In an interview with Manzini News, the interim mayor expressed gratitude for her appointment into the position. She alluded that being Mayor for a city as big as Manzini was an enormous responsibility but added that she had faith that God was on her side hence she was equal to the task. She mentioned that whilst serving as part of the last Council, she learnt that the Municipal Council of Manzini had a strong management team which had what it took to drive the fast growing municipality to Vision 2022. She said she would work together with management and her colleague, interim Councillor Gwebu; ensuring that the aspirations of the people of beautiful Manzini city were realized. The mayor further urged the citizens of Manzini to continue interacting with Council and contribute the much needed advice as usual. She emphasised that no one person could claim to have the capability to drive Manzini forward alone but with support and guidance from Council’s stakeholders no mountain would be difficult to climb.

“I must say that Council has a very sound strategy which ends in 2018. I will ensure that we pick up from where the last Council left off and continue to deliver the remainder of the strategic deliverables. There is quite a lot of exciting innovation and infrastructure development that vibrant Manzini municipality has experienced in the last five years. As interim councillors we cannot afford to stop the moving train. We want Manzini to maintain the good brand position that Council has worked so hard to develop over the years”, the mayor said.

She also highlighted her passion for the youth and the importance of them participating in local government politics.

“I am happy that I’m coming in as Mayor at a time when the local government elections are in motion. I want to promote the participation of the youth in the ongoing local government election. Serving as councillor at a young age helps groom oneself as a leader. The youth are leaders of today hence they need to snap out of behavior that puts into doubt their leadership qualities. Instead, they should be sharpening their leadership skills. Serving as a young councillor during the last term of office for councillors broadened my mind and helped me grow in terms of professionalism. The Municipal Council of Manzini is a very professional organization and I learnt a lot from it”, she added.

Well, the fact that she has been appointed into the interim Council is an indication that she has no aspirations for another term as councillor. Manzini News sought to know the reason.

“The reason I am stepping down from local government politics is not because I have failed. In fact, there is a lot of positive change that the last Council implemented in the last five years – citywide and at ward level. The reason I’m not taking another term is because when I came in as councillor back in 2012 I made a vow to myself that I do not want to be the kind of person who stays on as a councillor forever. I told myself that after the five-year term I would give others a chance. That is exactly what I’m doing”, she said.




 Jimson Gwebu, another Manzini interim Councillor, assumed the position of Finance and Administration Chairperson during the inaugural meeting which was held last Tuesday at the Council Chamber. He is currently self-employed but boasts a 26-year experience in the industrial relations field; his last notable employer having been the Swaziland Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (SUFIAW). He said he was honoured by the appointment and promised to work hard; ensuring that Manzini municipality continued to develop.

“The local government space is quite new to me but I’m fortunate to have been exposed to a number of serious Boards of Directors. I am experienced on issues of governance. During the brief period as interim councillor I promise to make sound and honest contributions that will move Manzini forward towards attainment of the municipality’s and national vision”, he said. 









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History Of Manzini

When white settlers descended the Swazi territory they settled in what is today known as Manzini.....Read More

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