Emergency Numbers

  • Manzini Police 2505 2221/2 or 999 (toll free)

  • Fire Station 2505 3333 or 933 (toll free)

  • EPR Ambulance 977 (toll free)

  • RFM Hospital 2505 2211

  • King Mswati III International Airport 2333 5000

  • Municipal Council 2505 2481/2


About us

The City of Manzini, otherwise known as the hub of Swaziland, is the commercial mecca of the Kingdom of Swaziland. In fact, it is where the first economic and commercial activities of the Kingdom began over 100 years ago.

Because of its central location, the city has over the centuries remained the most convenient trading zone for people coming from all four regions of the Kingdom. Despite a constantly growing population, the city’s security agents, including the Royal Swaziland Police, have over the years been able to ensure that the marvelous city is one of the safest to visit or live in.

When one holds a conversation with the older generation about Manzini, they have so much to say about the great strides that have over the decades been achieved, not only in terms of improving the face of the city but also giving it a warm and welcoming feel to visitors. When one descends upon the City of Manzini they are welcomed by a stunning scenic view characterized by green vegetation and modern buildings; not to mention the welcoming smiles from the thousands of people who cram the city on a daily basis for shopping, work, school and business.

The number of tourist coaches which descend the city almost on a daily basis is enough evidence on how Manzini has claimed her spot in the world map as a tourist destination. For people who are visiting the city for the first time, the municipal council here has in the past few years proven to be handy with regard to provision of tourism and general information about the city.

Visit the City of Manzini and enjoy the beauty of a natural African city. Mingle and enjoy the warmth of the ever smiling people. Satiate your shopping appetite from the variety of shopping outlets which offer both modern and traditional products. You also have the option of spending the night or more in the city, making use of its excellent accommodation facilities which also offer guests an haute cuisine. Visit Manzini, have a feel of the true spirit of Africanism, the spirit of ubuntu”.

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International Co-operation

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