Emergency Numbers

  • Manzini Police 2505 2221/2 or 999 (toll free)

  • Fire Station 2505 3333 or 933 (toll free)

  • EPR Ambulance 977 (toll free)

  • RFM Hospital 2505 2211

  • King Mswati III International Airport 2333 5000

  • Municipal Council 2505 2481/2


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A Council made out of 12 Councillors including the Mayor governs the city of Manzini. All Councillors are democratically elected by residents from all the 12 municipal wards with each ward electing its Councillor.

The term of office for all Councillors is five years after which the city goes back to the polls to elect the next Council. The elections are governed by the Elections Regulations as amended in 1998.

These regulations are derived from Section 8 of the Urban Government Act, 1969. The Act gives powers to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development to regulate elections. It also spells qualifications of candidates.

Our Mandate

  • Council has, as far as it is reasonably practicable, a responsibility to:
  • Control, manage and administer the municipality
  • Maintain and cleanse all public streets and open spaces vested in it or committed to its management
  • Abate all public nuisances
  • Safeguard public health and provide equipment for removal and disposal of rubbish, carcasses of dead animals and all kinds of refuse
  • Develop, control and manage any land vested, owned or leased by it
  • Establish or take over and administer, subject to the extent of its resources, housing schemes for the inhabitants of the municipality
  • Generally promote public health, welfare and development, sanitation as well as amenities of the municipality.

To achieve the above mandate, Council has an executive component captained by the Town Clerk/CEO with the assistance of other heads of department. Currently, Council has the following departments:

  1. Town Clerk’s Office, Clerk to Council (Legal Advisor), Human Resources, Environmental Health and Social Welfare.
  2. Planning and Community Development, Engineering as well as Treasury Department.


Rates Statements

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International Co-operation

These international relations, popularly known as twinning agreements, enable the Municipal Council of Manzini to learn from...Read More


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