Emergency Numbers

  • Manzini Police 2505 2221/2 or 999 (toll free)

  • Fire Station 2505 3333 or 933 (toll free)

  • EPR Ambulance 977 (toll free)

  • RFM Hospital 2505 2211

  • King Mswati III International Airport 2333 5000

  • Municipal Council 2505 2481/2



 “We are an organisation that is committed to have innovative ways in order to develop new solutions that meet customer needs and expectations”


“We are an accountable organisation that ensures optimal service delivery to the satisfaction of our stakeholders”


“We are an honest organisation that delivers quality service in a transparent, consistent and reliable manner to our stakeholders”


“We are an organisation that believes in professionalism. To achieve this we will ensure to abide by all relevant legislative Government and business ethics”


 “We are a people-centred city that is prepared to listen to both our staff and all our stakeholders at all time” 

Rates Statements

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International Co-operation

These international relations, popularly known as twinning agreements, enable the Municipal Council of Manzini to learn from...Read More


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