Emergency Numbers

  • Manzini Police 2505 2221/2 or 999 (toll free)

  • Fire Station 2505 3333 or 933 (toll free)

  • EPR Ambulance 977 (toll free)

  • RFM Hospital 2505 2211

  • King Mswati III International Airport 2333 5000

  • Municipal Council 2505 2481/2



This department is responsible for providing and maintaining Council infrastructure, plant and equipment, buildings and related facilities. It is also responsible for keeping council tools and equipment in good working order as well as managing and implementing Council’s capital projects.

Furthermore, the department is the implementing arm of Council responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure including roads. This is done according to the policies, guidelines and priorities set by Council. The local Government Act 8/1961, the Building and Housing Act 1968 and several other legal instruments that empower Council in executing the local government’s mandate, primarily govern the department’s operations. Some of the services provided by this department are:

  • Storm water drains maintenance through undoing blockages and cleaning up of all silt.
  • Road reserve maintenance including grass cutting and shoulders re-gravelling
  • Carriage way maintenance- that is patching of potholes and cracks filling
  • Installation and maintenance of street and high mast lights in the city
  • Ensuring that the city has enough and functional recreational facilities


  • To plan, design, construct & maintain complete roads infrastructure that meet the needs of the people of Manzini.
  • To design, construct & maintain parks, gardens, recreational facilities & cemeteries.
  • To develop & implement a roads asset management & general equipment’s management system.
  • To carryout periodic maintenance of Council’s fleet, buildings & associated facilities
  • To carryout periodic management, monitoring & evaluation of the implementation of Council’s physical infrastructure and other related development projects.
  • To implement & ensure compliance with the Building & Housing Act of 1968 in collaboration with the Planning and Community Development Department.
  • To liaise with other service providers on service delivery standards and the adherence thereto.



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International Co-operation

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