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Pride of Manzini

The City of Manzini, otherwise known as the hub of Swaziland, is the commercial mecca of the Kingdom of Swaziland. In fact, it is where the first economic and commercial activities of the Kingdom began over 100 years ago. Read More


Tourism Information

Although having started operating way back in 1983, the Manzini Market (situated along Mancishane street) continues to be a major tourist draw card in the city. Over the last few years it has become uncommon for tourists to pass through the beautiful city. Read More


For those who do not have their own means of transportation, the City of Manzini has a number of public transport vehicles which connect the city with neighbouring towns, cities, countries and surrounding townships. Read More

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       ...traders and corporates to take turns marketing their products and services to the entire nation

In an exciting development, the nation will be able to follow events taking place during this Saturday’s Manzini flea market on television.

The event, which will take place on the usual flea market site (Louw street, between Bhunu Mall Nandos and SwaziBank), will be broadcast live throughout the day on Channel Swazi. This follows a partnership that has been forged by Council with the national television station. It is also in line with Manzini’s new vision; which emphasizes on innovation and creation of economic opportunities.

The one thing that is most exciting about the flea market is that traders and exhibitors who may be interested will be given an opportunity, albeit at a small fee, to market their products live on the television station which boasts a strong viewership of over 500, 000.

The Municipal Council of Manzini views this innovation as a worthwhile move as it will give the traders’ products exposure to a wider potential market through television.

Viewers throughout the country, who may not be able to visit the flea market street, are therefore encouraged to switch on to Channel Swazi this Saturday. An opportunity for a phone-in transmission will also be availed so that viewers are able to interact with the traders and exhibitors.

As announced in this forum last week that yesterday was registration day for those interested in participating in the flea market, indeed hordes of citizens crammed the Manzini Council offices in a bid to get space.

Information gathered is that all 80 spaces for individual traders and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were taken up like hot cakes. Only space for corporate organisations is still available.  Noteworthy is that some corporate organisations usually take advantage of the flea market for purposes of marking their products and services. The live broadcast might make marketers even more interested in view of the exciting marketing opportunity that will be availed by Channel Swazi. Those interested are, therefore, encouraged to approach Council and register as soon as possible.

Manzini News took time to share the good news relating to the live broadcast to those who came through to register and the excitement was out of this world.

“The news is very exciting. Having a live broadcast will make even customers who are far away from Manzini to know about our products, where to find us as well as receive any other information about us. We really appreciate the initiative by Manzini Council. We also appreciate the consistency in holding the flea market over the last two years or so. In fact, we wish it was held more often instead of only once every three months. There is life in participating in the Manzini flea market. Council should also consider availing more space for the flea market as tens of interested traders are usually turned back due to space limitations”, said one of the traders.



                                …Manzini Council’s Filter Clinic has treated 133 diarrhoea cases just in one month

With the prevailing diarrhoea outbreak which affects both adults and children, the Municipal Council of Manzini would like to urge all schools and business establishments that use borehole water to make use of the water sampling and testing services that are provided through the Municipal Council of Manzini laboratory.

The laboratory offers, amongst other services, what is called Potable Drinking Water Microbiological Analysis; which mainly refers to testing of drinking water to ensure it is safe for human consumption.

All one needs to do is visit Council offices and make a booking for the service. A reasonable fee is payable and the results are ready within three working days.

What highlights the seriousness of the outbreak is that Manzini Council’s Filter Clinic, which is located within the municipality’s premises, has already treated 133 diarrhoea cases between the 1st September 2018 and the first week of this month. Manzini News has also gathered from the Manzini region health educators that the region as a whole has treated an alarming 3,714 patients for Acute Watery Diarrhoea in September 2018 alone, which is a 34% increase when compared with statistics recorded in August 2018.

Experts have indicated to Manzini News that it is very important that all boreholes in the city are tested to ascertain that water is not contaminated. Upon receipt of your request, a Council laboratory technician will visit your establishment, sample your water and you will have the report ready within three working days. The amount payable is E100 per sample. The Municipal Council of Manzini would like to encourage citizens to visit the nearest hospital or clinic in the event they experience continuous watery diarrhoea. They are also urged to make it a point that they thoroughly wash their hands using soap after visiting the bathroom and before eating. It is also advisable that toilets are cleaned using disinfectant.


                …same meeting for Wilmer Park and Fairview this Saturday and Sunday, respectively

As the Municipal Council of Manzini continues with the rollout of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) stakeholder submissions meetings, residents of Coates Valley (Ward 10) are invited to attend their installment of the meetings tomorrow evening, 5:30pm, at Old Enjabulweni School. The purpose of the meeting is to give stakeholders an opportunity to express projects and programmes that they wish incorporated in the next five-year Manzini IDP which will run until 2023. Projects that will be delivered in the city within the five-year period will only be those that form part of the IDP. That should give you an indication, dear reader, as to the importance of these meetings. It is also important that residents attend the meetings in their biggest numbers so that they influence prioritization on projects that will finally make it into the development plan. The meeting will run not longer than 1 hour 30 minutes. A similar meeting will be held with residents of Wilmer Park/Extension 7 (Ward 11) this coming Saturday, 20th October 2018, 2pm, also at Old Enjabulweni School, whilst residents of Fairview South, Helemisi and Fairview North (Ward 3) will have theirs on Sunday 21st October, 2pm, at St Paul’s Primary School. Please attend without fail. See you there…



The Municipal Council of Manzini would like to thank residents of Ngwane Park Township, Ngwane Park Extension, Ndumbu Township, Ticancweni informal settlement and Springle farm (Ward 4) for attending the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) stakeholder submissions meeting in their biggest numbers. All submissions were noted and will be used to influence prioritization on projects that will make it into the final IDP. The positive feedback from residents, as expressed during the meeting, is also noted with much appreciation. The following are some of the photos that were taken during the meeting…


Manene Thwala - Acting Clerk to CouncilThis department deals with providing sound legal advice, preparation of Council  meetings agenda, submission of documents and recommendations and the minuting  of Council proceedings as well as committee meetings, safe custody of Council  documents, records and registers of Council.

 It is also responsible for the city’s security and general policing of Council properties.

 The Clerk to Council is also responsible for overseeing the administrative operations of  the department. Staff under this department include the personal secretary, registry  clerk, estate clerk, receptionist, switchboard operator and all security personnel.

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History Of Manzini

When white settlers descended the Swazi territory they settled in what is today known as Manzini.....Read More

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