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  • King Mswati III International Airport 2333 5000

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Pride of Manzini

The City of Manzini, otherwise known as the hub of Swaziland, is the commercial mecca of the Kingdom of Swaziland. In fact, it is where the first economic and commercial activities of the Kingdom began over 100 years ago. Read More


Tourism Information

Although having started operating way back in 1983, the Manzini Market (situated along Mancishane street) continues to be a major tourist draw card in the city. Over the last few years it has become uncommon for tourists to pass through the beautiful city. Read More


For those who do not have their own means of transportation, the City of Manzini has a number of public transport vehicles which connect the city with neighbouring towns, cities, countries and surrounding townships. Read More

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     …a quick round up on some of the various programmes that Council is presently delivering

 (From left) Ward 12 Councillor Masuku, Ward 1 Councillor Bhembhe, Deputy

Mayor - Ward 3 Councillor Shongwe, and His Lordship the Mayor Ward 7
Councillor Mabuza.




Construction of the long awaited road that will provide a link between the Southern Distributor road (Bosco) and D98 (KaZakhali) in the southern part of the city is already underway. Following an open procurement process, Pots Construction has been awarded the tender. The project has been divided into two phases and the above-mentioned contractor is only responsible for the first one. This entails construction of the road on either side of the still-to-be-constructed bridge and will be completed within the next six months. The second phase will entail construction of a bridge that will connect the two road parcels. Funds are yet to be solicited for that part of the project. One might wonder what necessitates construction of the road. The immediate reaction to that question would be that “it is a response to pleas from stakeholders”. It also forms part of the 2013-2018 Manzini Integrated Development Plan. Moreover, it is supported by the two traffic studies that have been done over the last two decades (the recent one having been done in 2013) as a means to find solutions to the obtaining congestion in the city. Those who usually use the recently rehabilitated D98 road (from Sihlahleni via KaZakhali up to the Zakhele Remand Centre) will attest to the horrifying congestion that prevails thereon during the morning and afternoon peak. Council is grateful to His Majesty’s Government and the World Bank for their support towards ensuring the project is finally delivered.  



You will recall, dear food establishment operator, that Council conducts grading of all food establishments in the city once every year. Well, it is that time of the year when Council will be setting this exercise rolling; and this does not only affect food establishments that are located in the city centre but townships as well. Between today and July 2018, please expect a visit from Council’s health inspectors. The sole purpose will be to conduct an inspection and find out whether or not your establishment still meets the health and hygiene standard as spelt out in the Public Health Act, 1969.  Food grading cards will thereafter be issued in accordance with the level of compliance; with the most compliant receiving an “A” and the least hygienic an “F” sticker. Food establishments that will receive grades A and B will also be issued with letters of appreciation and encouragement to improve on the minor shortfalls. This is a gesture meant to applaud their conformance to the city standards. Establishments graded C and below will be served with notices that set compliance timelines. Failure to meet the timelines will leave Council with no option but to close down the affected shop. The grading process is done in the presence of the business owner and clear reasons as to the grade are given. Business owners are urged to cooperate with Council during this exercise and strive to comply. Below are the grading scales;



80 - 100%


70 – 79%


60 – 69%


50 – 59 %


40 – 49%


30 – 39%




“Beat plastic pollution” is the theme for this year’s World Environment Day. The day will be commemorated on the 5th June 2018. It is meant as a reminder to citizens on the significance of taking care of the environment that they live in. The Municipal Council of Manzini has aligned herself with some activities in relation to this day. The Satellite Bus Rank was last Wednesday abuzz when the Wednesday and Thursday market traders were gathered and sensitized about beating plastic pollution and keeping the facility clean after trading. They were also sensitized that the plastics that they usually leave on site as litter can actually be turned into money through recycling. They were visibly intrigued when shown a variety of colourful handicraft items made out of recycled plastic. The traders were shown how plastic can be made a source of income instead of recklessly throwing it away and becoming a great hazard to the environment. More training and sensitisation sessions are set to be conducted on Wednesdays. This Friday a citywide clean-up campaign has been scheduled as another form of removing plastic litter around beautiful Manzini City. Citizens are urged to consider recycling as an income generating activity. This will not only protect the environment but improve their economic wellbeing.




…Council grateful to property owners who have already paid

Tomorrow marks the last day for Manzini property owners to either settle their outstanding rates or make arrangements with the collector of rates on how to settle their bills. Payment in monthly instalments is acceptable. Same with debit order payments as well as a host of other payment methods. With effect from Friday 1st June 2018, a 15% per annum interest will begin to take effect on the outstanding rates amounts.  Well, this will not be the end of it as, at the end of June 2018, those who will have still failed to pay in full will be served with letters of demand. That will, regrettably, mark the beginning of the legal route of collecting rates. All legal fees incurred during this process will be added onto the outstanding rates – and that is over and above the 15% interest. Therefore, property owners are advised to escape this sad path and make means to either pay in full by end of day tomorrow or else agree on a payment plan with the collector or rates. Well, it would be reckless not to recognise and appreciate those who have already paid their rates. That is sincerely appreciated. Council would like to assure citizens of Manzini that she will not disappoint regarding service delivery; as long as all Manzini property owners pay their rates in full.


Despite a heavy vehicular population, motorists have no difficulty finding parking space in the City of Manzini. The major shopping centers, The Hub, Bhunu Mall and Riverstone Mall provide ample off-street parking space at a small fee.

This kind of parking has not only provided the desired convenience among motorists but also a safe and secure environment for vehicles. Quite recently, an on-street pay parking programme was introduced in the City of Manzini resulting in a remarkable difference in terms of availability of parking space within nine (9) streets in the central business district.

The parking solution, popularly known as “PAKANI”, charges only E2.50 per hour. Motorists are required to pay the fee before alighting from their vehicles.

Failure to do so results in clamping of the vehicle as well as payment of a penalty charge. Attendants, identifiable by bright coloured reflective bibs, are always available along the streets to collect the fees.

Not all streets in the city centre attract payment. Pay streets are identifiable by a green marking. A parkade will soon be opened to motorists along Ngwane street to add more parking space.

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History Of Manzini

When white settlers descended the Swazi territory they settled in what is today known as Manzini.....Read More

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